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Image by Vlad Kutepov

Brand Benefits

Receptive Industry

The travel industry recognises the need to proactively address sustainability, and the clients we engage with have internal sustainability teams driving incremental business improvements and a commitment to net zero.

Whilst appearing contradictory to partner a sustainability proposition with an industry responsible for carbon emissions, each product replaced by an authentic sustainability brand grows awareness of ethical consumerism and is a small but positive step forwards

Key ABC1 Demographic

Over 1 billion air passengers travel in the EU annually, many times more visiting travel websites. Around 75% are ABC1s pre-disposed to buy into ethical, sustainability brands. Whilst aware of their carbon footprint, most won't stop travelling but do want to offset this "travel guilt"

Today the travel industry offers customers few options to do this beyond voluntary carbon offset payments. This unfulfilled demand creates a market opportunity for meaningful, customer facing partnerships with sustainable brands.

Growth Platform

The travel industry offers a fantastic opportunity to access a hugely appealing demographic and deliver exponential growth and increased brand awareness with high profile partnerships.


We only work with brands with sustainability in their DNA meeting key criteria:

* Brand is a sustainability market leader, pioneering sustainability innovations in its category

* Product designed with a strong environmental ethos behind it

* Sustainable packaging 

* Brand supports charitable pledges or has third party accreditations

* Committed to reducing waste and circular economy

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