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Bringing sustainable brands to the travel industry


Most people who love to travel care about sustainability. Understanding their journey creates carbon emissions, people want positive actions and solutions-based partnerships from industry stakeholders.

Listing independent authentically sustainable brands in the travel industry enables passengers to discover and support purpose driven brands created with sustainability at the heart of what they do, offering solutions today to minimise their impact on the planet and positively contribute to society. 

Sustainaholics has 3 key objectives:

1. Bring innovation and new sustainable brands to the travel industry

Travel is about opening your mind, broadening perspectives and discovery. We enable passengers to discover new products from inspirational sustainable brands offering ethical alternatives, rather than continuously seeing the same traditional brands that have dominated the travel industry landscape for decades.

2. Meet the growing customer demand for sustainable products

Our brands' help meet the rapidly growing consumer demand for sustainable products, enabling customers to discover brands and solutions whilst they travel rather than seeing their journey only as part of the problem.

3. Support Ethical Consumerism

We provide a growth platform for sustainable brands to increase brand exposure and sales to a receptive international ABC1 demographic. Travel operators can directly and positively engage with their customers on sustainability, growing brand equity by offering customers the ethical products they want to see.

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