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The Demand


Sustainability Research

Travel industry research shows how increasingly fundamental sustainability is to consumer choice. Not enough is being done to meet this demand, creating a huge market opportunity for a direct customer travel retail proposition based entirely around sustainability.


Positive Consumer Perception

84% of consumers say sustainability has a positive impact on duty-free / travel-retail shoppers’ perception of a brand (2)


Increased Likelihood to Purchase

72% of consumers say sustainability credentials would increase their likelihood to purchase - this likelihood is higher amongst females, millennials & Europeans  (2)


Influence on Product Choice

71% of consumers say their purchase decision would be strongly influenced by an item’s sustainability credentials if choosing between products (1)


Premium Pricing Proposition

64% of duty-free shoppers would spend more for an environmentally friendly product. Over 80% of those would pay a 20% premium, whilst 40% would pay a 30% premium (2)


Importance of Sustainability

46% of consumers consider sustainability to be of high importance in travel retail (1)​


A Must Have for Millenials

40% of millennials not only actively choose sustainability brands, but will refuse to buy from brands that have no sustainability credentials (3)


(1) TFWA sustainability in travel retail study 2020 

(2) m1nd-set travel retail sustainability research, BWC Sustainability Issue March 2021

(3) Retail Doctor Group Global Consumer Study 2020

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